Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Making Breakfast with the Kiddo

Something tells me I've lost my mind.  Rather than fight the "I wanna help you!!" I just measured everything out and let the toddler make breakfast.  We may have the kitchen condemned, but otherwise, it was a success.

Monday, June 2, 2014

You Pick Strawberry Day!

I have been getting Ezra jazzed for You Pick farms since January.  I don't know what the crazy appeal is to me, but my excitement has been a little over the top.  Today, it finally happened!
Ezra was happy to have his own bucket to carry around and put strawberries in.  He also was a little enthralled with the irrigation system.  While it looks like the ground is wet in the middle, it's actually not, but he refused to walk on it regardless- he straddled it down two rows.  

In the beginning, Ezra picked every strawberry he could reach.  I tried to explain that we only wanted the ripened red strawberries, but every time I peaked into his bucket I saw more and more green strawberries.  I decided it was time to eat some.  Ezra bit into a green strawberry and decided it was yuck.  I offered him a red strawberry, and he decided that was much more preferable.   

After that, it was pretty much over as far as picking went.  Ezra's bucket kept getting emptier and emptier rather than fuller and fuller.  I love this picture because his face really says it all.  

 When we got back to Grandmama's, we enjoyed the fruits (haha, yes, the literal fruits) of our labor.  By the end of the day I had one strawberry covered little boy!


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